Anderson Survey Company, Inc.
"The quiet of our estates, in a great measure, depends upon the faithfulness, understanding and care of our surveyors."
~ Virginia Statutes, 1705  




Our History

Our founder, James Pearl Anderson began practicing land surveying in Kansas City in 1919 after WWI.  He continued to develop his surveying knowledge by working for the top firms in the area on projects like Bagnell Dam and the Lake of the Ozarks.  In 1946 he formed Anderson Survey Company with his two sons, Robert and Oliver, following their active duty in WWII.

After James Pearl's death in 1948, his two sons took over and through their leadership Anderson Survey Company soon developed into one of the top surveying firms in the Midwest.  With the death of Robert in 1964 and Oliver In 1983, the company's leadership transferred to Oliver's son, James S. Anderson, and daughter, Jeanette K. Dennis.  

Due to his extensive knowledge base and reputable work, Governor Mel Carnahan appointed James S. Anderson to the Missouri Board of Architects, Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors.  During that board service, James was appointed as Chairman of the Board by Governor Bob Holden and is the only land surveyor to have ever held the position.  As current President of Anderson Survey Company, Inc., James S. Anderson has further established the company as one of the premier land surveying firms in the Kansas City area.

Our voluminous records library includes the acquisition of atlases of North Kansas City and Clay County that were prepared by the Tuttle, Ayers, Woodward company dating back to 1907.  This records library also contains extensive, catalogued, original copies of subdivision plats in Jackson, Clay, Platte, Johnson and Wyandotte Counties that cannot be found online.

Additionally, Anderson Survey Company, Inc. has kept internal field notes, survey drawings and survey calculations for all projects completed since 1946.  These records provide information showing how each survey was performed, what evidence was found, and what decisions were made when performing the survey.  Furthermore, this vast library can provide information that can potentially save time on future surveys, help resolve differences between surveyors and provide evidence to defend a survey upon being challenged in court.  The atlases, subdivision plats, field notes and numerous other kinds of records housed by Anderson Survey Company, Inc. provide much of the basis for land surveying and development in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

Our Future

The future of the surveying industry lies with the improvements and advancements in satellite and GPS technology. It is our belief that these improvements will aid in more accurate and reliable surveys for future generations. Anderson Survey Company, Inc. recognizes the importance of keeping pace and investing in the future of technology, as well as remaining true to the traditions of surveying set forth by those hardy government surveyors in the early 1800's.